Welcome to the DORA-survey

Welcome to the DORA-survey

Privacy Policy

With your consent according to §3 and §51 BDSG (neu – German Data Protection Act new) on the questionnaire website (https://dora.travel/), you expressly agree to the data processing within the EU Horizon 2020 framework research project “DORA – Door to Door Information for Air Passengers”. You may revoke this consent at any time. All data relating to your DORA usage will be deleted afterwards.

During the use of DORA, personal data with diverse granularity is collected in different processes. For the route planning, monitoring and evaluation purposes of the research project, data is processed and stored in subsequent processes. In order to ensure data protection the collected data is exchanged in encrypted form among the relevant project partners. Only authorized employees at the project partners have access to the data. Data collection and processing include the following aspects:

1.) Route planning

Users can have individual, multimodal routes calculated via the app. The necessary information on the start / destination, travel time and trip length, used means of transport including CO2 emissions are processed and forwarded by VMZ Berlin.

The route selected by the user is passed to the evaluation questionnaire with associated data on the date, start, destination, time and distance, used means of transport and CO2 emissions. The data is stored in Germany at the side of the project coordinator EURESCOM. After finishing the project (September 2018) data will be deleted. In addition, the same data is pseudonymized and is stored in aggregated form by the Berlin project partner TU Berlin for the evaluation of the entire project until the end of 2018.

2.) Tripmonitoring

A user performs a route calculation via the app. After selecting the route, the entire route can be monitored. If disturbances or problems occur on the route, the user is informed via push messages and, if necessary, a new calculation of the route is proposed.

The VMZ Berlin stores the current selected route. If changes occurre on the route, details of the updated route will be transferred to the project coordinator EURESCOM with regard to the date, time, start and destination, costs, as well as CO2, and will be deleted after expiration of the project (September 2018).

In addition, the updated data will be pseudonymized by the end of 2018 at the Berlin project partner TU Berlin for the evaluation of the overall project in an aggregated form, processed and then deleted.

3.) Evaluation

In addition to the survey and storage of the operational process data described above, two surveys on the subject of acceptance are carried out within the scope of a project evaluation with users, service providers and traffic operators, and are filed according to the applicable data protection guidelines on the storage systems of the project coordinator EURESCOM as well as the Technical University of Berlin. The first survey will take place at the end of the app use in this application, the second survey on an external page (https://dora.travel/). Both records are merged via Trip_ID generated during route planning. The data are evaluated separately from the email address requested for the transmission of the Amazon voucher. The evaluation is anonymous. The result findings or possible publications of the evaluation results will not allow conclusions to be drawn on the respondents. All collected data is exchanged exclusively by encrypted means between the project partners. There is no transfer of the data to third parties. After completing this task (end 2018), the collected data will be deleted from the servers of the project partners.


In case of questions, suggestions or criticism, please contact the respective partners below:

Route Planning & Trip Monitoring
VMZ Berlin Betreibergesellschaft mbHTom Schilling
Ullsteinstr. 114, Turm CPhone: +49 (0) 30 81 453 132
12109 BerlinE-Mail: tom.schilling@vmzberlin.com
Technical University BerlinNorman Döge
Zentrum Technik und GesellschaftPhone: +49 (0) 30 314 28 338
HBS 1, Hardenbergstr. 16-18E-Mail: doege@ztg.tu-berlin.de
10623 Berlin
Responsible body according to § 3 paragraph 7 BDSG
Eurescom GmbHHalid Hrasnica
Wieblinger Weg 19/4Phone: +49 (0) 6221 989 304
69123 HeidelbergE-Mail: hrasnica@eurescom.eu

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